Soap and Fizzy Use & Care


Cold Process Soap:  For best long lasting results, please keep your soap dry when not in use.  We recommend a soap dish, or soap saver sack.  If your soap has embellishments on top, such as crystals, straws, or herbs, you may chose to gently remove them before use. 

Bath Bombs, and Fizz:  Please keep sealed till ready to use.  You may choose to remove sea salt, or glycerin soap embellishments before use.  These are soft pressed into the bomb, and easily removed.  We use Batch Certified Lakes and Dyes in some of our products to create fun bath art in your tub.  While these do disperse quite well in warm water, they may temporarily stain porous surfaces, or surfaces with hard water build up.  You may experience staining if you hold your bomb while it dissolves in your bath.  This should wash off without issue.   Most importantly, we only use plastic free, eco friendly, and biodegradable glitter, so it's safe to rinse down your drain.  

Steamers: Keep sealed till ready to use.  Place on the floor of your shower away from the drain for best results. 
Steamers are NOT designed for use in a bath, they have a higher fragrance concentration, and some fragrance used in steamers are not safe for contact with mucus membranes or long term skin contact.